Our Services

What We Offer

Our services guarantee that your business's digital assets are protected.


Combating Viruses & Data Attacks

We provide onsite network security audit, reviewing hardware, software, and data management and security policies, which identify any vulnerabilities that could result in a network security breach. Security recommendations are made across all channels to better protect your network and data and where needed, those updates are made for your team.


Ensuring Maximum Data Protection

We deploy software, operating systems, and data back up software for local computers and network servers with real-time monitoring of back up processes. This process helps us to identify and report on any potential issues or data inconsistencies to give your data a greater level of protection.


The Fastest Data Recovery Possible

Within 2 hours, our engineers are deployed to your site to identify the type of attack (virus, DOS, ransomware, etc.) and nullify the threat. And when the security breach is closed, we perform an onsite recovery of data and/or software on local computers and network servers. Data is typically recovered within hours, not days or weeks like other solutions.

Our Process

1. Shadow Copy Network

Shadow Copies are enabled on the VM host machine, with the host management network is isolated in a separate VLAN that is not accessible from the local network. This means that in case the entire network is compromised, the host would still be safe and shadow copies are not affected.

2. Replicate Server

Replication is enabled to the protected offsite server. That server has rolling snapshots count, meaning server can be brought onsite and VM started from the most recent snapshot.

3. Setup Local & Offsite Backup Appliances

No authentication from clients doing backups means no code exists to control the server. Any data stream treated as data to be vaulted, this no credential or malicious control can be executed from a compromised system – by design.

4. Emergency Onsite Backup Support

Within 2 hours, our engineers are deployed to your site to identify the type of attack (virus, DOS, ransomware, etc.) and nullify the threat.

How We're Different

We pride ourselves on excellent service and unmatched data security practices. Here are some features that our clients find most beneficial and set us apart.

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Local Backup

Local backups means control over your data.

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Enhanced Retention

Long retention policy ensures clean data in case of dormant threats.

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Threat Prevention

Protection against Malware, Ransomware, DOS Attacks.

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Mobile Specialists

Our specialists will mobilize to your location in case of a breach.

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Hardened Security

Backups are hardened, firewalled and isolated for security.

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Off-site Backup

Offsite server backups are delivered and deployed by trained technicians.

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Reduced Downtime

Our physical hardware solutions means hours instead of weeks.

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Scalable & Customized

Business needs change, so can our systems.