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From physical servers to the software used all data is optimally protected.

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Your data backed up for when everything else fails.

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Data loss shouldn't be on the back of your mind. Our technology brings everything back at the drop of a hat.

How we're so fast

Problems We Fix

Malware, Ransomware & DOS Attacks

Enterprise malware infections were up by 12% in 2018. We'll ensure minimal disruption.

High Costs of per-GB Data Backup

We typically can cut costs down to less than half.

Meeting Data Regulations

Failure to follow data protection and cybersecurity regulations can have serious legal and financial consequences for an organization.

No On Site Support

Without on site support, there is a physical barrier between you and your data. Additionally, on site support reduces the risk of ISP outages.

Very Slow Cloud-based Backups

Without on site support, restoration of terabytes of data over an internet connection occurs slowly and incurs high costs.

Costly Business Interruptions

The average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. We save hours in a world where minutes count.

How We Fix Them

1. Shadow Copy Network

Shadow Copies are enabled on the VM host machine. The host management network is however, isolated in a separate VLAN which is not accessible from the local network. This means that if the entire network is compromised, the host will still be safe. Shadow copies will not be affected.

2. Replicate Server

Replicated copies are automatically sent to the protected offsite server. This server is enabled with rolling snapshots counts. This means that your server can be brought on site and information from the most recent snapshot will get things running again.

3. Setup Local & Offsite Backup Appliances

No authentication from clients doing backups means no code exists to control the server. Any data stream treated as data to be vaulted, this no credential or malicious control can be executed from a compromised system – by design.

4. Emergency Onsite Backup Support

As opposed to our competitors, we offer a local service. This means Data Vangarde IT professionals can be on site within the hour to facilitate data recovery and hardware/software updates, minimizing downtime.

How we're different

We pride ourselves on excellent service and unmatched data security practices. Here are some features that our clients find most beneficial and set us apart.

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Local Backup

Local backups means control over your data.

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Enhanced Retention

Long retention policy ensures clean data in case of dormant threats.

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Threat Prevention

Protection against Malware, Ransomware, DOS Attacks.

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Mobile Specialists

Our specialists will mobilize to your location in case of a breach.

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Hardened Security

Backups are hardened, firewalled and isolated for security.

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Off-site Backup

Offsite server backups are delivered and deployed by trained technicians.

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Reduced Downtime

Our physical hardware solutions means hours of downtime instead of weeks.

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Scalable & Customized

Business needs change, so can our systems.


The computer of a National Accounting firm was infected with a virus which corrupted its servers. This event coincided with a hardware failure.

An estimated $125,000 in direct service fees lost. Additionally, the firm’s reputation was impacted and faced recovery costs.


With Data Vangarde, the firm can now respond to threats.

A major office furniture manufacturer was shut down by a computer virus.

It took 7 days before their service provider could restore their data.

Our Satisfied Customers

We've served customers from a range of industries with a variety of system architectures

Customer Feedback

Providing data security for our customers means giving them peace of mind. Here's what our customers have to say:

Within an hour of our servers and desktop computers being seized by ransom malware, Data Vangarde was onsite eliminating the thread and physically restoring our software and data. By morning we were up running at full capacity. They saved us tens of thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue. Their service is mission critical for ANY business that cannot afford downtime.


President JIT Corp.

Data Vangarde's team not only restored our data within 24 hours, they were on site within an hour to restore all operating systems and software that the malware infected. Our previous service didn't offer that, let alone onsite support!


CTO, CLM Manufacturing